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The Landlord & Tenant Legal System

A “State of the Art” full-featured system that allows you to start a case and see it through to the end, continually updating it along the way.
System highlights:
Legal Forms

Enter, print and invoice the following forms:

  • Rent Demands (3-Day, 5day, 10 Day) Proceeding (Section8)

  • Notice of Petition & Petition Non-Payment

  • Federal Collection Notice

  • Notice of Petition & Petition / Holdover

  • Post Cards

  • Default Warrant Affidavit

  • After Trial Warrant Affidavit

  • Non-Military Affidavit

  • Notice to Terminate

  • Warrants, Warrant Requests

  • Notice of Motion

  • Trial Letters

  • Affidavit of Service

  • Billing Worksheets

  • Affirmation

  • Certification Eviction

  • Affidavit

  • Notice of Discontinuance


Billing/Accounts Receivable

Automatic invoicing of Forms and other billable actions such as Court Calendar, Warrant Service, Re-Service of a Warrant, Blue Back Notices and Affidavits, Professional Service.  A ledger showing a breakdown by Client/ Landlord is standard.  A full Accounts Receivable System including Invoice Register, Aged Trial Balance Customer Statements, Cash Receipts Register are included.


Generate Motion Forms and automatically bill the following:

  • Blue Back Cover

  • Notice of Motion

  • Notice of Entry

  • Notice of Default

  • Affidavit of Service

  • Affidavit

  • Affirmation

Case Management Scheduler and Reminders

Let the system remind you to move a case forward by invoking this program. Each ‘action’ has a customizable parameter, which allows you to specify the amount of days must pass before the next action can take place. This sub-system organizes and retrieves the cases that need to be worked on. You can work directly from this system to move the case to the next step. The System also permits the entry of a Reminder Action that can be used to track any event related to the landlord and tenant legal process. Information can be emailed directly to you client.

Court Calendar

The system allows you to enter and update the outcome of your court cases, adjournments, follow-up payment schedules, repairs and comments for each case. An extensive billing function is included. A Calendar report, by borough, time and part, and an optional Billing Worksheet and Case History Report for each case on the Calendar are provided. The system has an export interface of the Court Calendar to Microsoft Outlook.


Warrant Tracking

The system tracks and automatically bills the full cycle of your Warrants from generation of the form for the Marshal to the eviction. Included in these actions are warrant requested, rejected, issued, served, re-served, re-mailed, on hold, canceled, possession scheduled, eviction and abort eviction. Electronic generation of warrants to the Marshall’s office is available.


Professional Services

Customize and invoice any type of legal service you want.  Includes time or flat rate billing methods, disbursements, and custom billing descriptions.  Automatically update to Accounts Receivable.

Attorney Commission and Production Reporting

Ability to provide commission reporting based on the transactions of the system and deduction of certain overhead cost. The system will also track attorney production in terms of amount of case transaction and billings.

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