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A faster workflow, a more efficient staff, lower costs:

  • Create legal cases and track them from inception to the end

  • Produce all Relevant Legal Forms for Landlord and Tenant Legal profession 

  • Update  cases with legal actions and batch produce and print or email the related legal documents

  • Update the cases with court appearance dispositions and keep track of stipulation agreements set in court

  • Track warrants and evictions

  • Produce various client reports

  • Seamlessly bill for the legal services rendered and produce paper and electronic invoices, client statements and various financial reports

The Landlord & Tenant Legal System CE©

A Full-featured  Cloud Based case management software for the law offices practicing  Landlord Tenant Law.

Latest Updates
Automated Alerts

  •  LTAlerts© Automatically updates clients with new actions relevant to the legal case, remind of actions clients need to take in order to move cases forward without delay and keeps clients informed with status reports.

Remote Client Access

  • The LTQuest© cloud based system complements the Landlord Tenant Legal core system and provides clients with 24/7 access to check their cases and run various reports.

Ability to select and print Good Cause Eviction paragraphs is now available.
The Notice of Withdrawal of the Petitioner’s motion seeking a default judgment pursuant to DRP 222 is now available in the system
As a reminder, E.R.A.P. Notices are available in L&T. Please call for implementation if you have not done so.
Please contact us to set up printing of thirty (30) day demand notices and Covid Letter as required by the C.A.R.E.S. Act
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Attorney Web Calendar

  • LTMercury© - A complementary cloud based internet system allows attorneys to view their court calendar from any web enabled device, bill for the court appearances and update them with their outcome.

Property Management Software Interface

  • LTExchange© features a two way communication channel with Property Management Systems such as MDS and Yardi. Cases can be batch imported from those systems, which is a tremendous time saver for the law office staff. Likewise, the property management legal card database is updated with the progress and status of the legal cases.

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